At the state level, the AMA shapes the policy of influential national policymaking organizations, partners with outside experts and stakeholder groups and influences the enactment and/or defeat of state legislation and regulations.

The American Medical Association Advocacy Resource Center is a tireless advocate for physicians and their patients. We are dedicated to working directly with state medical and specialty societies to enact laws that enhance the practice of medicine—and to defeat those laws that detract from this mission. We assist state lawmakers and policymakers and respond to the challenges of new regulations in an evolving health care system. By providing expertise to stakeholders on critical health care issues —through direct advocacy, strategies, counsel on best practices, model legislation, useful tools and other resources—we help advance and address issues that matter to physicians and patients.

Learn about the AMA’s state legislative and regulatory priorities, including recent advocacy achievements.

For contact information, please view the ARC staff directory (PDF).

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