A coach stands in front of a classroom

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

These coaches can set your physician career on a winning path

Coaching isn’t just for the business world anymore. Physician experts explain how coaching can help medical students, medical residents and doctors in practice.

Richard E. Boyatzis, PhD, is a professor in the departments of organizational behavior, psychology and cognitive science at Case Western Reserve University.

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

Power of positivity can help med students achieve their dreams

When it comes to academic coaching in medical schools, pursuing a compassionate approach can produce lasting results.

Student sitting on empty exam room bed

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

How medical students add value to care long before they earn MD

These three medical schools are facilitating medical students’ earlier involvement in clinical care and quality improvement, a win-win for training and health systems.

Setup of medical hazards in hospital room with test dummy

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

4 hazards medical trainees face in hospital “room of horrors”

A safety-focused simulation aims to help medical students and residents identify potential hazards in a hospital room before they cause harm.

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

Health Systems Science Webinars

Learn more about teaching health systems science by registering for upcoming webinars or reviewing past sessions.

Doctor demonstrating virtual anatomy for students

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

Why the virtual anatomy lab won’t replace the real thing

Virtual anatomy labs are changing how gross anatomy is taught. Find out what virtual cadavers add, and why real cadavers can’t be displaced entirely.

Elizabeth Ferruzzi, MD, Ian Kim, MD and Katie Zurales, a fourth-year medical student

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

Med ed is being transformed. Meet 3 taking it into practice.

Find out how three medical students and residents’ approach to medicine has been shaped by innovative medical educational curricula.

Man on TV screen

Accelerating Change in Medical Education

How standardized patient videos can change assessment in med ed

This medical school is working to use standardized patient video vignettes as an alternative to text-based multiple-choice questions. Find out why.

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