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Social media guidance for physicians taps timeless principles

From Friendster to Snapchat, social media trends come and go, but ethical guidance for physicians endures. Learn how the AMA Code of Medical Ethics applies to social media.

Stethoscope and syringe sitting on a platter with a note

Payment & Delivery Models

Pondering direct care? 13 potential benefits and drawbacks

Concierge medicine’s not necessarily a path to easy street. If you’re considering direct-care practice, keep in mind these pros and cons.

AMA Code of Ethics book cover


4 CME courses from the folks who wrote the book on medical ethics

The women and men behind the AMA Code of Medical Ethics bring you great educational activities to help you earn CME credit and answer challenging questions.

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Pediatricians must address adverse outcomes with compassion, resolve

Iatrogenic outcomes are particularly fraught in pediatrics, due to children’s inherent vulnerability as patients who typically lack decision-making authority.


Why does the medical profession need a code of ethics?

From political conversations to use of social media, the AMA Code of Medical Ethics addresses the new issues confronting physicians, patients and society.

Microscopic look at DNA


Your patient’s asking about her 23andMe results. Now what?

This is one of the new ethical questions arising in the age of precision health. Find out more about ethical dimensions of genetic testing, gene editing and more.

Patient in hospital gown getting a scan.

Patient Support & Advocacy

You suspect a patient is being abused. What should you do?

The AMA Code of Medical Ethics offers guidance on what to do to help prevent, identify and treat violence and abuse.

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Patient Support & Advocacy

Advance directives: How to talk with patients about them

An easy letter template can help frame discussions about advance directives and goals of care and serious illness in terms of living well during a difficult time.

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