Photo of  Clarence P. Chou

Clarence P. Chou, MD


Specialty: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Term: 2020-2024

Photo of Edmond Cabbabe

Edmond Cabbabe, MD

Vice Chair

Specialty: Plastic and Hand Surgery

Term: 2021-2025

Photo of Benjamin Meyer

Benjamin Meyer, MD


Specialty: Diagnostic Radiology

Term: 2019-2022


American College of Radiology

AMA Affiliations:

Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Sectional Delegates Members of the Council on Long Range Planning & Development

Conflict of Interest:
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Photo of Gary Thal

Gary Thal, MD

Board Appointment

Specialty: Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Term: 2017-2021

Photo of G. Sealy Massingill, MD

G. Sealy Massingill, MD

Board Appointment

Specialty: OB/GYN

Term: 2019-2023

Photo of Shannon Pryor

Shannon Pryor, MD

Speaker Appointment

Specialty: ENT-Otolaryngology

Term: 2020-2024

Michelle A. Berger, MD

Speaker Appointment

Specialty: Ophthalmology

Term: 2018-2022

Jan Kief, MD - Bio pic

Jan Kief, MD

Speaker Appointment

Specialty: Internal Medicine

Term: 2019-2023

John H. Armstrong, MD - Bio pic

John H. Armstrong, MD

Speaker Appointment

Specialty: Trauma Surgery

Term: 2021-2025

Rijul Asri - Bio pic

Rijul Asri

Medical Student Member

Term: 2021-2022


Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

AMA Affiliations:

Members of the Council on Long Range Planning & Development Medical Student Section (MSS) Councilors & Representatives

Conflict of Interest:
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