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AMA’s International Involvement

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In cooperation with the World Medical Association (WMA), the AMA takes an active role in human rights issues. The WMA is particularly involved in assisting physicians who have been wrongly imprisoned. The AMA supports the efforts of the WMA with letters and press releases that promote an increased awareness of these issues.

Human rights violations are monitored closely through organizations such as Amnesty International and Physicians for Human Rights.

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Advocating for Health Issues

The AMA Delegation to the World Medical Association plays a major role in drafting global policy on many important issues. Recent AMA-led policies adopted by the WMA include:

  • Human papillomavirus vaccination
  • Physician wellness

Join the WMA as an associate member to access the working documents of the organization and submit your own policies for consideration.

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AMA as an Ambassador

Join the AMA to help advance our vision of professionalism, human rights and optimal health for all of citizens of the world.

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