Office of International Relations

AMA’s international involvement

Image of stethoscope around a globe

The AMA has long been engaged in international health policy and advocacy efforts to further the reach and impact of the AMA’s domestic policies and strategic goals.  

The AMA’s impact on international health policy is optimized when collaborating with like-minded organizations with the power to adopt and promote policies in support of practicing physicians and their patients.  

The AMA Board of Trustees supports an international strategy that allows the AMA to effectively leverage its expertise and amplify its core mission through its strong relationship with the World Medical Association (WMA), the AMA’s primary vehicle for participation in international issues.   

WMA national medical association members, including the AMA, convene to propose, debate and adopt WMA policies and an advocacy agenda addressing international health topics and challenges from a physician perspective. 

The WMA represents and advocates for physician views within international health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO). At the invitation of the United States Presidential Administration, AMA leaders participate in the World Health Assembly of the WHO as official advisors to the U.S. Delegation. This designation is given to non-governmental organizations that represent a target area of interest and are closely aligned with the WHO’s aims and activities.   

By supporting thoughtful efforts to collaborate with the WMA and WHO, the opportunity exists to advocate internationally on policies important to the AMA and its members. 

The Office of International Relations (OIR) offers a variety of opportunities for AMA members to become involved internationally to advance policy and serve as a champion of physicians in globalized health care. For additional information, contact the OIR.