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Medical School Life

Our 10 most popular stories of 2018

Physician burnout. Picking a medical specialty. Making romance work in medical residency. These topics drew your eyes this year. Find out what else did.

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Medical School Life

6 simple ways to master patient communication

Learning how to effectively talk with patients is a key skill set for medical students beginning their clinical rotations.

Resident & Student Health

Student SOS: 6 ways to avoid “distress” in medical school

Studies show nearly 50 percent of medical students experience burnout. Take time to learn the key signs of “student distress,” so you can boost well-being during medical school.

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Medical School Life

5 time-management hacks for medical students

Learn more about how to study in medical school and make the most of your precious time.

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Medical School Life

Leaving the nest: Looking at the pros, cons of away rotations

As a medical student, are away rotations right for you? One recent medical school grad looks at what she gleaned from her four away rotations.

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Medical School Life

Acting the part: Professionalism do’s and don’ts during clinicals

Despite years of study, med students are relative amateurs at the outset of clerkship. Professional behavior can be key to their success on the wards.

Jessica D’Annibale, medical student at University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine


Members Move Medicine: A passion for pediatrics

AMA member and medical student Jessica D’Annibale has combined her fascination with science, solving mysteries and service to pursue a career as a physician.

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4 study tips to help you ace your shelf exams

When it comes to combining clinical training and test-taking, there’s no time to coast. This advice will help you survive your third year of medical school.

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