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Success in medical school: Leadership


Medical students are uniquely positioned to take advantage of leadership opportunities. With today’s physicians expected to lead multi-disciplinary teams to deliver patient care, the drive to develop this ability in the doctors of tomorrow, both inside and outside the classroom, has only grown.

But leadership development efforts are still evolving in medical schools and outside opportunities can sometimes be difficult to locate. Where does a medical student start when they want to become a medical leader? 

Find leadership opportunities

The AMA offers local and national leadership opportunities to help medical students develop their leadership skills and advocate for patients and the profession.

Though the concepts of leadership development and interprofessional/multi-disciplinary education are present in medical schools today, their presentation and delivery can differ from institution to institution.

With this reality, medical students may feel somewhat on their own in pursuing ongoing leadership development as they look to distinguish themselves for residency and in their career beyond.

Having consistent, expert leadership development is attainable, thanks to events, resources and training from the AMA.  

At the local or national level, the AMA is your ally in providing more than 1,000 opportunities to develop as a medical leader and advocate for patients and the profession.

You can train and educate yourself through online learning modules, as well as didactic/project-based learning to not only develop your leadership skills but stand out during Match season.

With an AMA membership, medical students can take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Leadership roles in AMA organizations
    • Find local and national opportunities to grow your leadership skills through the AMA.
  • Poster Showcase
    • Provides medical students the opportunity to showcase their leadership projects, get national recognition to help them stand out, and engage with the AMA beyond traditional policy and advocacy activities.
  • Physicians of the Future Summit
    • Join this annual summit allowing students at regional levels to come together to talk about issues that affect them and receive training on resolution writing and regional advocacy efforts
  • Leadership education modules
    • Build your skills through AMA-hosted online training modules.

Become a member to take advantage of AMA student resources, as well as a wide range of benefits and discounts

Grow as a leader with AMA benefits

Become a member and get access to training and opportunities that can help medical students become physician leaders.