Council on the Constitution & Bylaws

About the Council on Constitution & Bylaws (CCB)

The AMA Council on Constitution and Bylaws (CCB) serves as a fact-finding and advisory committee on matters pertaining to the AMA Constitution and Bylaws (PDF). The council recommends changes in the constitution and bylaws as directed by the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) and advises the AMA Board of Trustees in reviewing the rules, regulations and procedures of AMA sections.

The council is responsible for the HOD reference manual (PDF) which contains AMA policies and directives, AMA Bylaws, practices announced in the Speakers’ Letter, and prior publications that relate to how the HOD operates.

The council also provides guidelines for medical society bylaws (PDF) with suggested provisions to be included in the constitution and bylaws for state and county societies, specialty societies and professional interest medical associations.

Council rules and internal operating procedures

The AMA Board of Trustees entrusts the council to review changes to rules of all AMA councils prior to board approval. The council has developed an interactive database of council rules (PDF) and AMA bylaws relevant to the AMA councils to assist with its review.

Find the Council on Constitution and Bylaws’ full set of rules (PDF) as approved by the AMA Board of Trustees.

Similarly, the council has responsibility for reviewing changes to the Internal Operating Procedures (IOP) of all AMA sections. The council has developed 2 related resources: Interactive database of section IOPs and bylaws relevant to the sections (PDF) and elements of an IOP (PDF).

Information for council members and the public

  • PolicyFinder: This tool allows policymakers and the public to search AMA Bylaws and policies on health care issues, the health care system, medical science and the AMA’s organizational structure and governance.
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statements: Completed forms for the current Council members.

Council nominations

Use the following information to nominate someone to be a member on the council:

Meeting archives

Contact information

For questions or comments regarding the CCB, please contact:

Council on Constitution and Bylaws

American Medical Association

330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300

Chicago, Illinois 60611


Janice Robertson, Council Secretary

(312) 464-4749 or [email protected]


Shellie Karno, JD, Assistant General Counsel

(312) 464-5677 or [email protected]