Medical Student Outreach Leader

The AMA is now accepting applications to the MSOP leadership program. The application deadline is extended, and applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Medical Student Outreach Program
​ AMA members (left to right): Sneha Swaminathan, Daniel Torolira, Haidn Foster, Arlene Ho, Al-Karim Gilani, Damani McIntosh-Clarke, Blake Murphy

The AMA is offering a 9-month leadership opportunity for second-year medical students who exhibit excellent leadership, strong organizational skills and a desire to build their professional network.

As a Student Outreach Leader, you will lead AMA membership outreach efforts at your school as you continue to build your professional network.

The AMA is here to support you every step of the way with marketing materials, outreach communications, training, resources and event funding. 

  • Build your CV
  • Gain leadership experience
  • Earn funding for your school
  • Attend AMA events
  • Expand your professional network
  • Download full role description (PDF)

The Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP) is a peer-to-peer recruitment program that promotes AMA membership to 1st-year medical students. It also provides training and recruitment resources to encourage the incoming class of medical students to join the AMA.

Please contact the MSOP team with any questions.

MSOP Resource Center

Are you already a Medical Student Outreach Leader? Access the MSOP Resource Center.

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