Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP)


AMA Medical Student Outreach Program (MSOP)

Lead AMA membership outreach efforts at your school to strengthen the voice of the AMA and help shape the future of medicine.

  1. What is the AMA Medical Student Outreach Program?

    • A peer-to-peer recruitment program at medical school campuses that promotes AMA membership to first-year medical students.
    • The program works with AMA Outreach Leaders and AMA chapters at medical schools and provides training and resources for recruiting medical students to join the AMA.
  2. What is an AMA Outreach Leader?

    • An AMA Outreach Leader is a leadership position available at all medical schools typically filled by a second-year medical student.
    • Outreach Leaders are responsible for leading AMA membership outreach efforts on campus. This includes recruiting first-year medical students to join the AMA and engaging with the AMA chapter to host events and grow membership.
  3. How does the AMA support Outreach Leaders?

    • Delivers a leadership training and growth opportunity to help distinguish yourself on your CV.
    • Supplies resources and tools to successfully recruit at your school, plus free AMA swag!
    • Offers opportunities to network and attend marquee events.
    • Provides funding for your school to support recruitment and engagement efforts.
  4. What does an Outreach Leader do?

    • Organize membership recruitment events targeting the M1 class (typically one to two events) in the fall and spring.
    • Promote four-year membership, welcome gifts and member benefits.
    • Coordinate membership engagement initiatives with other chapter leaders.
    • Participate in training events, virtual chats and timely completion of program surveys and feedback requests.
    • Gain leadership experience and have fun!

  • Gain leadership experience and training
  • Distinguish yourself on your CV
  • Grow membership at your school
  • Earn funding for your school to support activities and events
  • Attend AMA marquee events
  • Expand your professional network


  • Now accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year!
  • Submit an application by July 17 and notify the AMA chapter at your school.
  • Don’t have an AMA chapter at your school? Reach out to the AMA Medical Student Section at [email protected] to get started!

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