Inside Cleveland Clinic’s $10 million prior authorization price tag

Prior-authorization requirements impose heavy burdens for patients, physicians and health care organizations. Learn about the cost of prior authorization at the Cleveland Clinic.



Do you spend more time on administrative tasks than your peers?

Doctor paperwork does not affect all physicians equally. Find out how much time your physician colleagues spend on administrative tasks, and learn how to ease the burden.

Barbara L. McAneny, MD at 2018 AMA Interim Meeting

Interim Meeting

AMA president: Create system that values health over money, power

AMA President Barbara L. McAneny, MD, says the AMA is fighting the forces that make the U.S. health system so dysfunctional.


Debunking Regulatory Myths

The AMA has provided regulatory clarifications to physicians and their care teams. This effort is to aid physicians in their day-to-day practice environment.

Illustration of doctor standing with a group of sick patients


Physician, patient stories show need to fix prior authorization

Patients and physicians tell their tales from the front about how prior authorization hampers care by delaying treatment.


Physician cybersecurity

Viruses, malware and hackers pose a threat to patients and physician practices. Find tips to protect patient health records and other data from cyberattacks.

Doctor talking to elderly man


CMS moves on E/M: 3 things physicians should know

Learn about the major victories for physicians in the 2019 Medicare physician fee schedule, especially on payment for evaluation-and-management services.

Scales of Justice on wooden table, courtroom blurred in the background


State tries to seize $275 million from medical liability fund

Physicians who have trouble finding medical liability insurance coverage may have an even harder time if state officials’ plan to seize the funds of a last-resort insurer is allowed to proceed.

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