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Practice Transformation: Act

The AMA provides intervention support to health systems ready and able to test and share strategies that drive measurable progress and meaningful impact to improve satisfaction and efficiency in their workforce.

Access suggestions for increasing efficiency with the AMA's Stop This, Start That checklist (PDF).

Support includes providing resources through STEPS Forward™, access to physician and subject matter experts, webinars, podcasts and on-line coaching and a platform to engage with other health systems implementing similar efforts.

Practice transformation

AMA’s work in practice transformation aims to create the conditions where joy, purpose and meaning are possible for physicians and other health professionals.


Nearly 60 modules⁠—expert-driven, field-tested strategies to help implement change in your practice.

Not sure where to start? Take a brief 12-question practice assessment to determine suggested modules to best optimize your practice.

The American Medical Association invites you to join our 2021 webinar series focusing on physician well-being, practice redesign and implementing telehealth during COVID-19. Programming will focus on resources and solutions to help alleviate stress on health care systems, teams and staff during the pandemic and guide systems through telehealth integration.

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  • Annual Prescription Renewal: Save time and improve medication adherence by renewing all of a patient’s stable medications.
  • Daily Huddles: Boost practice productivity and team morale by reserving 5-20 minutes once or twice a day for team members to communicate regularly.
  • In-basket Management: Learn how to leverage the skills of the care team to apply in-basket principles and streamline work.
  • Pre-visit Lab Testing: Visit this module to learn how to implement pre-visit laboratory testing. An interactive calculator is also available.
  • Pre-visit Planning: Learn how implement pre-visit planning at your practice and calculate estimated time and money that can be saved.
  • Expanded Rooming Discharge: The strategies in this module will enable practices to create personalized patient rooming and discharge checklists.