Practice Transformation: Recognize

Practice Transformation: Recognize

Representing the AMA’s steadfast commitment to advancing the science of physician burnout, AMA’s recognition opportunities can propel and empower health systems to reduce burnout so that physicians—and their patients—thrive.

The AMA recognizes organizations and practices that have demonstrated strong commitment to improving physician satisfaction and reducing burnout.  

Practice transformation

AMA’s work in practice transformation aims to create the conditions where joy, purpose and meaning are possible for physicians and other health professionals.

Launched in 2019, the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program provides a roadmap for health system leaders to implement programs, policies, and workflow efficiencies that support physician well-being and enhance joy in medicine. This program is designed to empower health systems to strategically and systematically reduce burnout so that physicians—and their patients—can thrive.

To learn more about the program guidelines and application cycles, visit the Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program.