Introduction to the Digital Health Implementation Playbook

At the AMA, we are committed to partnering with physicians to meet the changing landscape of health care. Recent research found that physicians had four key requirements for the adoption of digital health in practice: 

  • Does it work? 
  • Will I receive payment? 
  • Will I be liable? 
  • Will it work in my practice? 

In support of that pursuit, we have collaborated with physicians and thought leaders to create the Digital Health Implementation Playbook. 

What is the Digital Health Implementation Playbook? Months of research compiled into a Playbook documenting the most efficient path to implement new digital health solutions including key steps, best practices and resources to accelerate and achieve digital health adoption. 

Who is the Playbook for? This Playbook is intended for those who believe in the importance of digital health and its role in helping deliver better care. Whether you are a physician, a care team member, health care administrator or a passionate advocate for the implementation of digital health technology, if you are looking for guidance to navigate the process and achieve scale, this Playbook is for you. 

Why should I use the Playbook? Implementing digital health technology can be complicated and time-consuming. On average, it takes hospitals 23 months to go from identifying a digital innovation need to scaling a digital solution to meet that need. The Playbook is designed with input from over 80 physicians, care team members, health care administrators and digital health thought leaders to help health care organizations adopt change faster and more successfully. 

When should I use the Playbook? Refer to this Playbook whenever you are considering the implementation of a digital health solution. By adopting these solutions now, your organization can improve its ability to deliver on the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare. 

Where can I use the Playbook? The Playbook is designed for care teams and administrators in medical practices of all sizes and areas of specialty. We have consulted with small private practices and large health systems, in rural and urban settings, with high income and Medicaid-dependent populations. No matter where you are, you can use this playbook as a guide to successfully implement digital health solutions in your practice. 

How do I use the Playbook? The Playbook is organized into 12 key steps to guide you along your path to implementation. In addition to this timeline, you will also find resources, checklists, practice spotlight stories and examples to provide further guidance along your journey. 

Introduction to digital health solutions

Digital health is the future. New technologies are fundamentally changing the way people interact with health care. Successful implementation of digital health technology will be imperative for improving patient outcomes and ensuring financial stability for health care practices. 

The landscape of digital health technology is seemingly endless and spans from internal efficiency solutions to data management to population health to patient interaction tools. You’ve likely been exposed to or considered implementing a number of these solutions. 

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital health, health system leaders struggle to drive innovation. They are looking for a better and more efficient path to scaled implementation, but report that knowledge gained by other organizations and best practices are not readily available. This playbook is an effort to provide widespread access to institutional knowledge and best practices currently held by experts in the field. 

This playbook is a living tool that will be updated to include new content over time. As the playbook evolves, it will provide helpful frameworks and resources for your practice related to specific digital health solutions. 

Currently, this playbook provides resources for the implementation of remote patient monitoring 

If you are currently interested in learning more about digital health, you can find more resources at the AMA’s Digital Health website.

The path to implementation

The following step-by-step process is intended to guide your practice through the implementation of a digital health solution.

The first six steps in Part 2 are fundamental to the implementation of any digital health solution and will remain consistent regardless of which technology you are looking to adopt. The subsequent six steps in Part 3 focus on specific digital health solutions and the unique considerations relevant to that specific technology.

While we have displayed these steps chronologically, we know that the real world is not always straightforward. Use this process as a guide while understanding that:

  • The order of steps may shift based on your practice or organization
  • Some steps may overlap or may be executed simultaneously
  • Some steps may take more or less time than others
  • You may need to reiterate or circle back to an earlier step when expanding your program or if challenges arise

We recommend reading through the playbook in its entirety before embarking on the path to implementation, so you know what lies ahead. Then, once you’ve commenced the process in practice, refer to each step in Part 2 and Part 3 for best practices, checklists for success and practice spotlight stories to guide you along your way.


This Playbook isn’t possible without the insight and experiences of our many collaborators.  We thank you, appreciate your contribution and recognize your leadership in accelerating the adoption of digital health solutions in practice.


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