Digital health implementation playbook series: How it works


The path to implementation

The Playbooks provide a step-by-step process intended to guide your practice through the implementation of a digital health solution.

The first six steps in Part 2 are fundamental to the initial planning for your implementation of the digital health solution, and the subsequent six steps in Part 3 focus on details for how to implement the unique considerations relevant to that specific technology.

While we have displayed these steps chronologically, we know that the real world is not always straightforward. Use this process as a guide while understanding that:

  • The order of steps may shift based on your practice or organization
  • Some steps may overlap or may be executed simultaneously
  • Some steps may take more or less time than others
  • You may need to reiterate or circle back to an earlier step when expanding your program or if challenges arise

For each Playbook, we recommend reading through in its entirety before embarking on the path to implementation, so you know what lies ahead. Then, once you’ve commenced the process in practice, refer to each step in Part 2 and Part 3 for best practices, checklists for success and practice spotlight stories to guide you along your way.