Digital health implementation playbook series: FAQs


Frequently asked questions

What is a Digital Health Implementation Playbook?

Months of research compiled into a Playbook documenting the most efficient path to implement new digital health solutions including key steps, best practices and resources to accelerate and achieve digital health adoption.

Who is this Playbook series for?

This series is intended for those who believe in the importance of digital health and its role in helping deliver better care. Whether you are a physician, a care team member, health care administrator or a passionate advocate for the implementation of digital health technology, if you are looking for guidance to navigate the process and achieve scale, this series of Playbooks is for you.

Why should I use the Playbooks?

Implementing digital health technology can be complicated and time-consuming. On average, it takes hospitals 23 months to go from identifying a digital innovation need to scaling a digital solution to meet that need. The Playbook series is designed with input from over 140 physicians, care team members, health care administrators and digital health thought leaders to help health care organizations adopt change faster and more successfully.

When should I use the Playbook series?

Refer to this series of Playbooks whenever you are considering the implementation of a digital health solution. By adopting these solutions now, your organization can improve its ability to deliver on the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare, inclusive of health equity.

Where can I use the Playbook series?

The Playbooks are designed for care teams and administrators in medical practices of all sizes and areas of specialty. We have consulted with small private practices and large health systems, in rural and urban settings, with high income and Medicaid-dependent populations. No matter where you are, you can use these Playbooks as guides to successfully implement digital health solutions in your practice.

How do I use the Playbooks?

The Playbooks are organized into 12 key steps to guide you along your path to implementation. In addition to this timeline, you will also find resources, checklists, practice spotlight stories and examples to provide further guidance along your journey.