Digital health implementation playbook series: Overview

AMA DIgital Health Playbook

Before you embark on your digital health implementation, it’s important to understand what digital health is and how it’s impacting the world of health care. At the AMA, we are committed to partnering with physicians to meet the changing landscape of health care. Recent research found that physicians had four key requirements for the adoption of digital health in practice:

  1. Does it work?
  2. Will I receive payment?
  3. Will I be liable?
  4. Will it work in my practice?

In support of that pursuit, we have collaborated with physicians and thought leaders to create the Digital Health Implementation Playbook Series.

The landscape of digital health technology is seemingly endless and spans from internal efficiency solutions to data management to population health to patient interaction tools. You’ve likely been exposed to or considered implementing a number of these solutions.

Despite the increasing prevalence of digital health, health system leaders struggle to drive innovation. They are looking for a better and more efficient path to scaled implementation, but report that knowledge gained by other organizations and best practices are not readily available. The Playbooks are an effort to provide widespread access to institutional knowledge and best practices currently held by experts in the field.

The Playbooks are living tools that will be updated to include new content over time. As series evolve, the Playbooks will provide helpful frameworks and resources for your practice related to specific digital health solutions.

If you are currently interested in learning more about digital health, AMA can offer guidance.