Work life at the AMA: Employee spotlight


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Mark Levine—Programming and Events Manager, Health Solutions

Mark Levine

Q: What is something people don’t know about you that they would be surprised to find out?

A: Before moving to Chicago 9 years ago, I had many lives across the country. I was a theater director in New York, studied film in Los Angeles, taught film at Interlochen, lived on a farm in New Mexico and on a homestead in Kentucky. Strangely enough, I can honestly say that I have used skills and lessons from all of these experiences in my work.

Q: What’s something at the AMA that helps you to Thrive?

A: The support of my coworkers and my manager, Denise Foy, have allowed me to grow into my role, find my groove, and develop and utilize a wide variety of skills. It has also provided me stability and consistency, especially throughout the pandemic.

Q: What's the most exciting project you've worked on at the AMA?

A: In January 2020, I took over managing meetings for the CPT Editorial team within Health Solutions— specifically the CPT Editorial Panel Meetings and the CPT & RBRVS Annual Symposium. My very first meeting, an in-person CPT Editorial Panel meeting in San Francisco, was in February 2020. A week after our meeting, San Francisco had an emergency shutdown. By mid-March, as the world closed down, it became clear that the approach we had taken to these meetings for years was no longer going to work. We began the mad scramble to virtual. Since then, we’ve had numerous virtual and hybrid meetings and, through trial and error, have discerned a few lessons on best practices for approaching a virtual option for meetings. It's been an exciting, challenging and creative ride!