Privia Health Spotlight


Privia Health elevates the patient-provider relationship by delivering tools, talent, and technology built to transform healthcare. Our proven, physician-focused platform is designed to reduce unnecessary costs, achieve better outcomes, and improve patient health and provider well-being.



  1. Navigating the launch of my private practice—with the right help

    1. This Maryland pediatric neurologist wanted to leave the hospital system for independent practice, but felt daunted by her next steps.

  2. Next-generation tools for the next generation

    New telehealth technologies, such as electronic health records (EHRs), can either be a help or an obstacle to a physician’s workflow.

  3. Members Move Medicine: Improving workflow in office

    Shishir Khetan, MD: "We are constantly looking at innovative uses of technology to help change the practice of medicine. Just in the last year, there was adaption of virtual scribes."
  4. How telehealth is the Netflix of medicine

    Privia has made it a priority to adopt telehealth in a robust, thoughtful way that is a win for patients, doctors and the care teams they lead.
  5. How Privia Health moves medicine

    "Privia’s proprietary cloud-based technology platform, combined with an innovative approach to patient engagement and physician-driven wellness, builds a better health care delivery experience."
  6. Letting doctors be doctors

    The importance of listening to and examining patients, formulating a care plan and giving doctors more time to focus on their patients.

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