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The AMA is an organization mindful of—and responsive to—the diversity of its employees, members and patient populations. Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to the success of the AMA’s mission to improve public health, and integral to our responsibility and commitment to work every day in making these ideals concrete realities.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, self-coordinating employee-driven groups which support the mission of the AMA by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace for groups with shared identities and provide community, support and networking opportunities to our employees. Currently, we have the following ERGs:

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Access ERG’s mission is to support and empower people with disabilities and their allies at the AMA. Access works to expand the relationship of the AMA with the community of disabled people and the organizations that support them.

Building a genuine sense of inclusiveness is the mission of the AMA’s Black Employees, Advocates and Allies Network (BEAN), which supports and develops Black professionals within the AMA by providing a space where Black employees feel comfortable discussing their thoughts, ideas, opportunities and challenges.

The mission of Caregiver Equity is to advocate on behalf of caregiving employees and provide support, networking, and programming for caregivers of children and/or adults regarding work-life integration, family priorities, and work commitments. 

The ImmigrantXChange ERG aims to advocate for and support employees who identify as immigrants, refugees or other migrants to the U.S. The help their members feel welcomed, network, celebrate their diversity, reduce if not eliminate stereotypes and foster open communication to facilitate the exchange of experiences and perspective. 

InspirASIAN is dedicated to supporting and improving the employment and engagement of current and future Asian and Pacific Islander employees. They aim to foster a work environment wherein Asian colleagues are valued and recognized for their contributions to the AMA.

The Pride ERG’s mission is to help develop a culture of inclusion and belonging for LGBTQ+ employees at the AMA through building community, informing and advocating for change, offering up-to-date educational spaces, and connecting LGBTQ+ employees and their allies with pertinent resources.

The Unidos@AMA group Is committed to creating a workplace where Latino/a/x professionals are included and able to contribute tier insights and expertise, as well as lead in an authentic way by developing a professional resource group for Latino/a/x employees and their allies within our AMA.

AMA’s Veterans Community Resource Group was created to inspire and embrace the best of military culture to drive mutually beneficial outcomes for the AMA and our Veteran community.

The AMA’s Women Inspired Now (WIN) aims to advance professional development, engagement, recruitment, retention and advancement among all women identified employees and their allies.