The AMA is an organization mindful of—and responsive to—the diversity of its employees, members and patient populations. Diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to the success of the AMA’s mission to improve public health, and integral to our responsibility and commitment to work every day in making these ideals concrete realities.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, self-coordinating employee-driven groups which are based on a constituency or shared interest, and provide community, support and networking opportunities. Currently, we have the following ERGs:

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This group, Access ERG, focuses on providing resources to the AMA’s community of disabled folks, and to making allies and advocates feel welcome, too.

“Equity includes all people facing many different access barriers; that means physical, social, and mental health barriers limiting access for people with physical, injury-related, cognitive/learning, behavioral, vision, hearing, psychological and invisible disabilities.” —Matthew G. and Caiti M., co-chairs, Access ERG

Promoting diversity in organizational innovation and change is the mission of the AMA’s Black Employees, Advocates and Allies Network (BEAN), which supports and develops Black professionals within the AMA to help increase job satisfaction, retention and recruitment. 

“Diversity and inclusion embraces giving qualified individuals, who may not look exactly like the majority, the chance for advancement which helps increase job satisfaction and retention and brings new ways of thinking to the organization to foster innovation and creativity.” —Brande M., co-chair, BEAN

InspirASIAN celebrates and promotes the wealth of Asian ideas and culture. We aim to foster a work environment wherein Asian colleagues are valued and recognized for their contributions to the AMA.

Diversity and inclusion introduces different perspectives to the organization. It means striving to ensure that every unique individual has a voice, and that their presence is welcomed, heard and respected. Bringing one’s authentic self to the workplace is encouraged. It is imperative to feel empowered, relevant and part of a shared mission.

—Christine K. and Babbette G., co-chairs, InspirASIAN

The Pride (LGBTQ+) group provides resources to help ensure that LGBTQ+ employees benefit from the same up-to-date education, quality care and cultural competency that the AMA has resolved to bring into the health care sector.

“The LGBTQ+ community is really many communities—people with a diversity of lived experiences and identities, choosing to join together for support and tangible change. When we are attentive to the multiplicity of voices and needs, we can find ways to meet these needs together in collective action towards equity.” —Lena D., chair, Pride

The [email protected] group’s goal is to increase engagement, outreach, recruitment, retention, professional development, and advancement among Hispanic and Latinx employees.

“Our diversity is multi-dimensional as the Hispanic/Latinx community comes from Afro-Latino, Hispanic-Asian, White-Hispanic backgrounds. Inclusion is not just participation, but also a sense of belonging. Our ERG name, Unidos, means ‘united’, and our group seeks to empower and unite those who identify as Hispanic and Latina/o/x in the workplace.” —Daniel E. and Nisa T., co-chairs, Unidos ERG

In “putting service before self,” the AMA’s Veterans Community Resource Group highlights what veterans bring to the AMA, including a dedication to teamwork, collaboration, leadership, diversity and inclusion.

“VCRG celebrates that diversity is our core strength and acknowledge that equality and inclusion must drive our standards to perfectly align with AMA’s missions, values and standards. ” —Lisa H., chair, Veterans Community Resource Group

The AMA’s Women Inspired Now (WIN) seeks to inspire and equip AMA women to invest in their career development and professional growth. 

“An equitable workplace provides opportunities for all to contribute their insights and expertise, and lead in an authentic way.” —Sheri S. and Betsy S., co-chairs, WIN

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