STEPS Forward™: Taming the Electronic Health Record Playbook
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Take the next steps on the journey with the AMA STEPS Forward® practice innovation resources and assets.

Use the 5-pronged approach (Act, Recognize, Measure, Convene, Research) as your guide. Employ the evidence-based, field-tested, and targeted solutions described below to optimize practice efficiencies, reduce burnout, and improve professional well-being.

Explore the comprehensive portfolio of AMA STEPS Forward® resources, including:

  • Toolkits
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Email [email protected] to connect with a physician coach to support practice intervention efforts (include “Request for physician coaching” in the email subject line).

Taming the EHR Playbook

Access key STEPS, best practices, and resources to save time and reduce the burden of EHR work.

  • Join us at the AMA STEPS Forward® Innovation Academy for timely and relevant webinars and more.
  • Attend upcoming conferences, summits, and events as they are announced.

  • Stay abreast of meaningful research to guide your professional well-being strategies and interventions.

Learn more at AMA STEPS Forward®.

Anyone interested in maximizing the benefits and minimizing the burdens of the EHR can benefit from the content outlined and linked to within this Playbook (PDF). 

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