Saving Time Playbook


Physician burnout is an epidemic in the U.S. health care system, with 63% of physicians reporting signs of burnout such as emotional exhaustion and depersonalization at least once per week. The significant time spent on non-patient-facing tasks in the clinician’s workday contributes heavily to burnout.

Saving Time Playbook: Quote

Saving time for physicians and other team members is crucial—but this cannot be accomplished by simply telling physicians to become more efficient during patient visits or when writing notes.

Physicians are already trained to be efficient and practice good time management skills. Therefore, time-saving efforts need to come from the top down: from the level of practice or organizational leaders who can effect large-scale change.

Saving Time Playbook

Access key steps, best practices and resources for the adoption and scale of time-saving solutions.

The Saving Time Playbook provides strategies to organizational leaders to enhance processes, implement time-saving workflows and improve physician well-being. It focuses on ways to:

  • Identify opportunities to de-implement unnecessary processes and protocols at the practice or organizational level
  • Share necessary work with the broader team
  • Utilize core team-based care workflows
  • Gain organizational leadership and other stakeholder support



What you’ll get

Gain access to practical tools that will help you apply the new or adapted processes outlined in this playbook right away, including: 

  • De-implementation checklist
  • Pre-appointment questionnaire
  • Pre-visit planner and discharge checklists
  • Synchronized prescription renewal checklist
  • Sample calculators to help make the cost and time savings business case to leadership

Anyone interested in process improvement, timesaving workflows, efficiency of practice and physician well-being can benefit from this playbook, including:

  • Practicing physicians who are aspiring change agents
  • Medical directors
  • Practice managers
  • Operations leaders
  • C-suite executives

For additional timesaving and efficiency-boosting tips, check out the companion Taming the EHR Playbook.

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