The WPS submitted Resolution 305, Reduction of Caregiver Burnout, for consideration at the 2017 Annual Meeting. One outcome was that AMA Policy Physicians and Family Caregivers: Shared Responsibility H-210.980 was amended so the AMA would disseminate resources to promote physician understanding of lay caregiver burnout.

As a result, the AMA created "Caring for the Caregiver: A Guide for Physicians," (PDF) a guide to help physicians understand the day-to-day challenges and risk of burnout faced by informal caregivers.

Do you have an idea for a resolution (DOCX) or want to bring forward an issue for discussion? Consider drafting a resolution for consideration by the WPS. Submit resolutions to the WPS by March 30 for the WPS Annual Business Meeting and by August 30 for the WPS Interim Business Meeting.

Resolution template (DOCX)

Each resolution submitted to the WPS will result in either an action by the governing council or a resolution to the AMA House of Delegates (HOD).

Submit a resolution that offers a clear directive to the governing council, that seeks to create new AMA policy, or that seeks to amend existing AMA policy.

Once a resolution is submitted to the HOD, or the governing council undertakes the desired action and reports back to the WPS membership, the adopted resolution will sunset.

Resolutions will not be accepted if:

  • Additional resources are needed—unless the resolution asks the WPS to request the AMA to implement a similar project.
  • An identical resolution already exists—duplicate resolutions will be discussed in the AMA House of Delegates Handbook Review Session to determine official WPS action.

To ensure your resolution has the best chance for adoption, follow these guidelines:

  • Make certain that the proposed action benefits physicians and/or their patients, or women physician members in particular.
  • Review the AMA PolicyFinder to determine whether current policy already exists.
  • Make sure that the resolution’s title appropriately reflects the action for which the resolution calls.
  • The resolved portion of the resolution must be a definitive statement that is able to stand alone.
  • Include a fiscal note. WPS staff can assist with the development of fiscal information.

The WPS online forum gives WPS members an opportunity to weigh-in on section resolutions to be considered at the AMA HOD Annual Meeting. Invitations will be emailed to WPS members with instructions for accessing and participating in the forum. Dates for the online forum will be announced.

The WPS Policymaking Committee is responsible for generating resolution ideas and working with the WPS delegate and alternate delegate to draft and/or review potential resolutions for the HOD meetings. Individuals joining the committee are requested to make a 1-year commitment. Please contact the WPS by Jan. 31 to join this committee for 2020.

The WPS HOD Handbook Review Committee convenes prior to each WPS business meeting to review items of business that are referred to each HOD reference committee. Interested individuals should contact the WPS by May 10 to review items for the Annual Meeting and October 10 for the Interim Meeting.

To volunteer for one of these committees, submit your contact information and first, second and third choice of committee preferences.

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