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University of California, Davis, School of Medicine

Look at how this school has established the ACE-PC program, an accelerated track that links medical students to primary care residencies.
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An instructor observes a male medical student as he examines a patient.

Joined September 2013

It seems really important to bridge the gap between UME [undergraduate medical education] and GME [graduate medical education]. These 2 worlds have really lived separately for probably too long.
Tonya Fancher, MD, MPH

The University of California (UC), Davis, initiative, the Accelerated Competency-based Education in Primary Care (ACE-PC) program, establishes a 6-year, competency-based UME-GME pathway linked to Kaiser Permanente Northern California and UC Davis residency programs.

UC Davis medical students who are accepted into the ACE-PC program start school 6 weeks earlier than traditional students and complete a pre-matriculation course that prepares them to begin supervised work in a primary care clinic.

2017 Spring Consortium Meeting

Poster presented: Linking UME and GME: Conditional Acceptance to Residency

Need/gap addressed: To the extent possible, residency program directors should be involved in all aspects of the UME program, including program design and implementation, admissions, outreach and retention programs, and faculty selection and development.

Transforming Medical Education

Discover how the consortium schools are transforming medical education.


Tonya Fancher, MD, MPH, of the UC Davis School of Medicine.
Principal investigator: Tonya Fancher, MD, MPH
Associate professor, internal medicine

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