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Morehouse School of Medicine

Examine how this school is expanding its social mission while enhancing community-engaged training.
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4 medical students look at a chart in a hospital corridor.

Joined January 2016

Morehouse School of Medicine is increasing its class size and the number of community-based sites participating in the educational process. The goal is to expand the school's social mission while enhancing community-engaged training.

2017 Spring Consortium Meeting

Poster presented: In-Course Enrichment (ICE) to Enhance Student Success

Need/gap addressed: The first core course is completed over the initial 10 weeks of matriculation, and many students, especially academically vulnerable students, face challenges adapting to the relentless pace of medical education.

Principal investigator: Martha Elks, MD, PhD
Senior associate dean, educational affairs

The AMA awarded each consortium member a grant for its transformative medical education projects in key innovation areas.

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