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International Medical Graduate experience in medicine


International Medical Graduates (IMGs) play a crucial role in our nation's health care landscape. Beyond addressing health care disparities, especially in primary care and underserved regions, these professionals face obstacles such as discrimination, visa complexities, licensing hurdles, and other challenges despite possessing comparable education, skills, and experience to their U.S. trained counterparts.

Your powerful ally

The AMA helps physicians build a better future for medicine, advocating in the courts and on the Hill to remove obstacles to patient care and confront today’s greatest health crises. 

The AMA is dedicated to illuminating the varied experiences of IMGs across diverse regions. Examining the diverse intersections of IMG stories and experiences provides valuable insights into their unique challenges and triumphs.

Watch these videos about the IMG journey through medicine, transitioning medical practice in the United States, and exploring the inequities IMG experience, particularly in the areas of patient care, medical institutions bias, policy and legislation.

Spotlight on IMGs

Saby Karrupiah, MD, and Kamalika Roy, MD, share personal reflections on their journeys in medicine with letters they have written to themselves.


How U.S. clinical experiences benefit IMGs

Find information on the benefits of a United States Clinical Experience (USCE), including what it is and how to land one so as to become familiar with the U.S. health care system.


  1. AMA health equity strategic plan

    1. AMA’s strategic health equity plan is dedicated to embedding racial justice and advancing health equity. The equity plan calls to abolish discrimination in licensure of IMGs and advocates for parity in licensure requirements.
  2. International Medical Graduates Section (IMGS)

    1. This section (group) advocates and gives a voice to IMGs, by providing the opportunity to work on AMA policy, take on leadership roles, network with peers and more.

  3. IMG Physician Toolkit

    1. Navigate through the process of practicing medicine in the U.S. Toolkit topics include visa FAQs, finding a residency, state medical licensure, mentorship and more.

  4. International Medical Education news

    1. Up to date news on issues that affect international medical students, including the Match, the residency program requirements and the transition to GME.

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  1. The IMG journey
  2. IMG resources