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The University of Utah School of Medicine is adapting a data-aggregation tool developed and proven effective by its associated health system to create an education model that emphasizes cost reduction and connects education to patient-related outcomes. The goal is to increase the value of training medical students while reducing related costs.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: Making Sense Of Value & Systems Thinking In Undergraduate Medical Education (PDF)

Need/gap addressed:

  • A model to promote value-based decision making in medical education (similar to value-based decision making in health care)
  • Systems thinking model for medical education to:
    • Engage students and faculty in meaningful medical education change efforts
    • Optimize the outcomes of medical education in our pursuit of education excellence
    • Ultimately teach students, faculty and education leaders how to use the principles of systems thinking in education and healthcare

Principal investigator: Sara Lamb, MD, associate dean for education, curriculum

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