The CPT® Editorial Panel is currently a 17-member independent body with responsibility for the maintenance of the CPT code set. The Panel is tasked with ensuring that CPT codes remain up to date and reflect the latest medical care provided to patients. In order to do this, the Panel maintains an open process and convenes multiple meetings per year to solicit the direct input of practicing physicians, medical device manufacturers, developers of the latest medical technologies and diagnostic tests and advisors from over 100 societies representing physicians and other qualified health care professionals.

The Panel will be expanded from its current 17 members to 21 members. New Panel members may be nominated by medical specialty societies and groups representing private health care insurers.

The four new members will be comprised of:

  • Two seats for individuals nominated by medical specialty societies
  • One seat for a nominee from either an umbrella organization that represents private health care insurers or a medical specialty society
  • One seat for an at-large organizational member

Editorial Panel members nominations

Nominations now open to serve on the CPT Editorial Panel. Submit nominations by Friday, Sept. 24, 2021.

A rigorous editorial process run by the Panel keeps the CPT code set current with advances in medical science and technology so the code set can fulfill its vital role of being the trusted language of medicine. Expanding the Panel from 17 to 21 members will increase the expertise available to the Panel as CPT coding content advances to reflect the emergence of digital health, diagnostic precision medicine and augmented intelligence.

The call for nominations for new Panel seats will be announced in summer 2021. All nominees are subject to approval by the AMA Board of Trustees and must meet the nomination qualifications and requirements set forth by the AMA.

Appointed Panel members must:

  • Participate independently
  • Be bound by confidentiality and conflict of interest policies
  • Exercise independent professional judgment
  • Not represent the interests of the organization that nominated them

Visit the CPT® Editorial Panel opportunities page for additional information on qualifications, duties and responsibilities, and how to submit an application.

For more information, contact Jay Ahlman, vice president of Coding and Reimbursement Policy and Strategy, at [email protected].

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