Scope of Practice

AMA defends against scope creep


Patients prefer care led by physicians. In a recent study, 95% of patients said it’s important for a physician to be involved in their diagnosis and treatment.

Fighting scope creep

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The AMA vigorously defends the practice of medicine against scope of practice expansions that threaten patient safety.

  1. Fighting legislation

    1. The AMA collaborates with state medical associations and national medical specialty societies to stop legislation attempting to expand the scope of practice of non-physician providers.
  2. Providing data to inform lawmakers

    1. AMA’s Health Workforce Mapper provides data showing that scope expansions have not improved access to care or alleviated workforce shortages in rural areas.
  3. Creating policy

    1. The AMA creates policies through its House of Delegates that solidify and project the AMA’s stance on scope of practice issues.
  4. Spotlighting education

    1. In all its efforts, the AMA highlights the rigorous training physicians undergo and why that makes them ideal to lead patient care teams.
  5. Empowering members

    1. The AMA offers access to hundreds of scope-of-practice advocacy tools, including issue briefs, model legislation, state law charts and detailed data modules.

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