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Reducing Administrative Barriers to Care

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Physicians and practice staff spend hours each day dealing with utilization management programs, complex claim filings and other nonclinical activities.

While some administrative requirements on a practice are expected, many are not essential.

As a result of overuse, inefficiencies and lack of transparency in these requirements, administrative hurdles can stand in the way of patients’ timely access to care as well as increase costs for physicians and their patients.

Prior Authorization and Step Therapy

Health insurers and benefit managers are increasingly requiring prior authorization and step-therapy protocols for pharmaceuticals and medical services.

These requirements can delay or interrupt care, divert resources from patients and complicate medical decision-making.

The AMA is engaged at every level to reduce the harmful impact of these utilization management programs.

Physician and patient advocates can draw on the materials below, including model state legislation, to promote meaningful changes to prior authorization and step therapy requirements and improve access to care.

Together, we can change the face of medicine.

Top issue: Regulatory relief

Let’s eliminate, streamline and align burdensome federal rules and regulations imposed on physicians.

Model Legislation

Other Resources

Contact Information

For more information on advocacy to address administrative barriers, please contact Emily Carroll, senior legislative attorney, at [email protected].

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