Prior authorization is a health plan cost-control process that requires providers to qualify for payment by obtaining approval before performing a service. It is overused, costly, inefficient, opaque and responsible for patient care delays.

We're taking a number of steps to reform prior authorization this year:

  • Working with payers to reduce the overall volume of prior authorizations
  • Increasing transparency on requirements
  • Promoting automation
  • Ensuring timely care for patients

AMA reform initiatives

Learn about AMA reform principles and a consensus statement between providers and insurers to improve prior authorization.

Reform resources

Understand the prior authorization laws in your state, use AMA model legislation and join grassroots campaigns.

Practice resources

Streamline your current processes to maximize efficiency with tips from toolkits, videos, guides and webinars.

Research & reports

Access the evidence—including the physician survey and council reports—highlighting the need for change.

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