Medicare & Medicaid

AMA leads on Medicare reform


The Medicare payment system is on an unsustainable path, threatening patients’ access to physicians. From 2001-2023, Medicare physician payment has effectively been cut 26%, adjusted for inflation.

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The AMA is working to block payment cuts, advocate for physicians and patients, and build long-term solutions.

  1. Advocating for you

    1. The AMA calls on Congress and federal agencies to increase physician payment stability, tie payment updates to inflation, and eliminate or minimize planned cuts.
  2. Educating physicians

    1. The AMA shows how the current Medicare payment system is unsustainable—and how you can urge Congress to support solutions. 

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  3. Creating policy

    1. The AMA creates policies through its House of Delegates that solidify and project the AMA’s stance on Medicare reform.
  4. Empowering members

    1. The AMA has developed a set of principles to guide advocacy efforts on Medicare physician payment reform (PDF).
  5. Giving you a voice

    1. The AMA provides a way to share your concerns about Medicare payment with members of Congress.

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