Current Medicare payment system on unsustainable path: Contact Congress

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The AMA is deeply alarmed about the growing financial instability of the Medicare physician payment system due to a confluence of fiscal uncertainties physician practices face related to the pandemic, statutory payment cuts, lack of inflationary updates and significant administrative burdens. 

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Tell Congress to support legislation that would reform the flawed Medicare physician payment system and provide annual inflationary updates. Use these materials in conversations with members of Congress to let them know the Medicare physician payment system needs reform to become a more sustainable, value-based system that better meets the needs of patients and physicians.

Learn about how you can take part in the fight to fix Medicare on behalf of your patients and practices at the AMA's Fix Medicare Now website.

The AMA's Medicare Basics series provides an in-depth look at important elements of the Medicare physician payment system. Find more topics about the payment system and why it's in need of reform.

Learn about (PDF) a new national study being led by the AMA (and supported by 173 health care organizations) to collect representative data on physician practice expenses. The aim of the Physician Practice Information Survey (PDF) is to better understand the costs faced by today’s physician practices to support physician payment advocacy to policymakers.

The evidence is clear: The Medicare payment system is on an unsustainable path threatening patient access to physicians.

Download and print the charts to use for your advocacy efforts.

Medicare provider updates for 2024 chart

Speak up for Medicare reform

The need for Medicare physician payment reform has never been greater. The AMA shows how the current system is unsustainable—and how you can urge Congress to support solutions.


2024 Medicare updates compared to inflation chart (Updated)

Key measures of practice expense, Medicare Economic Index

Medicare spending per enrollee, 2012 vs. 2022

Real (inflation-adjusted) Medicare physician spending per enrollee

The AMA and the Federation of Medicine have developed a set of principles to guide advocacy efforts on Medicare physician payment reform. Learn more.

Learn more about how the AMA fights against Medicare cuts, defending practices & access to care.

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