The American Medical Association achieved a significant victory this year by delaying a round of cuts to Medicare payments until Dec. 31. However, our work isn’t over. If Congress doesn't act, physicians will start seeing cuts of up to 9.75% starting Jan. 1.

The final decision is due in the coming months and so, as your powerful ally, the AMA is currently:

We will fight tirelessly against any barrier to patient care, partner with legislators to bring the U.S. health care system into the 21st Century and find solutions to make Medicare work better for you—without making cuts.

Take action: Stop Medicare cuts

The AMA Physicians Grassroots Network has issued an action alert calling on physicians to contact their legislators and ask them to support legislation that will stop these cuts from taking effect next year.

AMA Physicians Grassroots Network

Physicians: Contact legislators and ask them to oppose cutting Medicare payments, taking effect next year.

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