Health2047 advances its mission to transform health care

Tanya Albert Henry , Contributing News Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been the only thing reshaping medicine.

Leaders at Health2047—the Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of the AMA created to overcome systemic dysfunction in the U.S. health care system—have been busy transforming medicine in meaningful ways in 2021 to help ensure that patients and physicians will have a health care system that meets their needs by midcentury. Already this year, Health2047 has spun out three companies poised to reshape health care.

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“Our business momentum continues to accelerate as we and our strategic partners develop and commercialize system-level solutions in chronic care, data utility, radical productivity, and health care value,” said Health2047 CEO Lawrence Cohen.

“We continue to find, form and scale the companies needed to transform U.S. health care at the system level, and expect to announce more spinouts in the second half of 2021,” Cohen added.

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Helping three companies take flight

Fighting obesity, slashing physician administrative burdens and fostering more inclusive clinical trials are the areas that Health2047’s three most recent spin outs are aiming to improve.

In the first two quarters of 2021, Health2047 launched these three companies.

Phenomix Sciences, which national Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded obesity experts and Mayo Clinic physician-scientists Andres Acosta, MD, PhD, and Michael Camilleri, MD, in Rochester, Minnesota, founded in 2017 to change how society tackles obesity.

The physicians’ decade of research identified four obesity phenotypes and treatments that work best to help patients fight obesity based on which phenotype or phenotypes they have.

Learn from Dr. Acosta about how new blood testing could help doctors better treat obesity.

Emergence Healthcare Group offers physicians a “turnkey practice” solution that allows physicians to focus on practicing medicine. The company aims to cut administrative and financial burdens private practice physicians face by, among other things, leasing and maintaining clinical space; handling reporting and analytics; and taking care of customer service and patient experience.

“Right now, physicians can find all of these a la carte services with different companies. The challenge is that when they do that, they are managing all of these disparate services trying to get them to work together to help run their practice,” said Jae Chun, Emergence’s founder and CEO. Learn more from Chun about Emergence Healthcare Group in this AMA news article.

SiteBridge Research aims to make clinical trials more accessible to community-based physician practices through a “trial-in-a-box” platform that provides access to clinical research training, resources and support throughout the trial process. It ultimately will help clinical trial results to better reflect the nation’s diverse population.

Find out more about how the “trial-in-a-box” concept will help more practices take part in clinical trials.

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These three ventures joined these five earlier Health2047 spinouts:

Health2047 leaders this year also launched a monthly podcast, “So You Want to Transform Healthcare.” The podcast, hosted by Health2047 Managing Director of Medical Affairs, M. Christine Stock, MD, features candid conversations with leaders who are working to bring technology-enabled innovation into health care.

Some recent episodes explored serving medically underserved populations, cybersecurity and telehealth adoption. In one episode of the podcast, AMA Executive Vice President and CEO James L. Madara, MD, discussed Health2047’s founding, describing it as an “innovation shop that feels like Silicon Valley, but connected to an iconic organization that is focused exclusively on health care.”

Find more podcast episodes here, and learn more.