A new way to get the most from your health care data

Tanya Albert Henry , Contributing News Writer

Physicians and health care leaders are frustrated with how difficult it is to effectively use their own data and, in particular, to extract timely, actionable insights.

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Health2047 Inc.—a Silicon Valley business formation and commercialization enterprise launched by the AMA—last year spun out Medcurio, which is solving this data-access problem. The company aims to eliminate headaches and greatly reduce the time and effort involved in getting secure access to real-time data.

“Vast amounts of useful health care data are constantly being collected, but most of it remains inaccessible beyond siloed applications and we need a solution to leverage its full value,” said Health2047 CEO Lawrence K. Cohen. “Our spin out of Medcurio is a critical step in enabling data liquidity and giving healthcare organizations the ability to instantly access all data needed to derive insights and make decisions, without compromising patient data privacy.”

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The amount of health care data doubles every two years, but health systems, health IT vendors, and technology partners haven’t been able to harness the potential value from data because of constraints from legacy interfaces, fixed-data models, proprietary application program interfaces (APIs), and other challenges.

Members of Medcurio’s team said their solution gets rid of these obstacles, offering a flexible data model that is highly secure, codeless, self-serve and scalable.

Cut costs, workloads

Medcurio allows permission-based access to all approved data for a health system’s internal customers and technology partners. The self-serve solution lets requesters manage the process of selecting the data fields they need to create a codeless API, eliminating the need for most of the technical full-time employee support traditionally required for this work. The data owner has full control in approving data requests.

The result: Time and resources needed to implement and maintain solutions are drastically reduced and so are the errors that result from incorrect or incomplete data.

Medcurio’s codeless APIs cut the system and vendor data integration workload by an estimated 50% to 85%, founding team members said.

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“Innovation requires easy, reliable, scalable, and secure ways to effectively use data,” said the company’s founding CEO, Walter “Buzz” Stewart. “Health care organizations can eliminate costs and rapidly liquefy their data to better act on insights, automate processes, and ultimately improve operational, experience and clinical outcomes.”

Medcurio is the fourth company that Health2047 has spun out in an effort to change health care at the system level.

In partnership with the AMA, Health2047 is transforming health care at the system level, seeking powerful ideas, industry partners and entrepreneurs to address systemic transformation in the areas of data liquidity, chronic care prevention, radical productivity enhancement and value-based payment.