Tanya Albert Henry

Tanya Albert Henry

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Tanya Albert Henry is an award-winning freelance writer who has been covering health care for 20 years. She started her career in daily newspapers, working at The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Detroit News and USA Today before going on to cover medicolegal matters for American Medical News, a weekly newspaper published by the AMA. Tanya later served as American Medical News’ deputy editor, and she also edited its Profesional Issues section. She earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

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Health Equity

What New York’s learned about health equity during the pandemic

There are steps public health departments, physicians and other health professionals can take to make health equity a priority during the pandemic, including actively reaching out to patients who have historically experienced structural racism and working as a community to help patients get the care and support they need.

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Public Health

Doctors to court: Let California keep tougher emissions rules

The AMA Litigation Center tells a federal appellate court that California should be allowed to keep pursuing policies that fight climate change.

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How pandemic’s painful spring will inform prep for fall surge

A physician leader at Michigan’s Henry Ford Health System explains why effective communication and abundant support for doctors, staff are vital.

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Payment & Delivery Models

How Oregon’s top court erred in striking down noneconomic damages cap

The ruling might cause some physicians to relocate or offer fewer services.



How long can the state delay determining Medicaid eligibility?

Timely eligibility determinations are important to help the most vulnerable patients and ensure physicians are paid for the care they deliver.

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Public Health

CDC director: Push is on to vaccinate 65% of Americans against flu

The CDC is developing plans to reach communities of color that COVID-19 has hit harder and where flu vaccination rates have traditionally been lower.

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Payment & Delivery Models

Shift to telemedicine doesn’t diminish value of team-based care

Team-based care is a win-win for patients, doctors and practices. Learn how to make this approach effective during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Public Health

New York’s COVID-19 vets share lessons learned for next hot spots

Based on their early front-line experience, medical leaders have this advice for counterparts now seeing—or about to see—surges in COVID-19 cases.

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