Timothy M. Smith

Timothy M. Smith

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Contributing News Writer,

Timothy contributes news stories on a freelance basis. He was a senior staff writer at the AMA from 2016 to 2017 and has more than 10 years’ experience writing about health care. He previously served as director of communications for Venice Family Clinic, the then-largest free clinic in the country, where he wrote extensively about accessibility of care, health care reform and health policy. He is a graduate of Indiana University.

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Public Health

How the crucible of COVID-19 can help fix the health care system

A National Academy of Medicine report details the pandemic’s effect on clinicians and the long-overdue systemic improvements needed to support them.

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Public Health

One surge away: Key tips to prep now on crisis care standards

AMA joins National Academy of Medicine, other major stakeholders to push improvements based on the past year’s pandemic experiences.

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