Andrew W. Gurman, MD

Andrew W. Gurman, MD

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Former President, American Medical Association,
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Dr. Gurman, an orthopaedic hand surgeon from Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, became the 171st president of the American Medical Association in June 2016.

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Latest draft of AHCA still doesn’t measure up

The newest version of the House’s plan to replace the Affordable Care Act would make coverage unaffordable for millions more Americans.

Various physicians of various ages.


Physicians reject House ACA replacement bill

The current version of the American Health Care Act could take away health insurance coverage from millions. The AMA cannot support it.

Closeup of Capitol Hill


As physicians, we must speak up for our patients

Speaking to physicians in Washington, D.C., AMA President Andrew W. Gurman expressed the role of physicians in the thick of the national health reform debate.

AMA President Andrew W. Gurman, MD


Fighting together, physicians foil insurance Goliaths

Federal judges block both insurer megamergers capping 18 months of physician efforts that paid off.

Judge behind bench banging his gavel.


Doctors against health reform? Not so fast

The AMA has forcefully advocated universal coverage for a decade, and we should not lose the gains made in expanding the health insurance rolls.


Physician voice shapes Medicare pay reform final rule

With the issuance of its final rule on MACRA, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has created a new Medicare payment system called the Quality Payment Program. Based on the reforms we've seen, we know that CMS is listening to physician's voices.


When good work is acknowledged, we aspire to work harder

The AMA ranked first in APCO’s annual TradeMarks survey of the 50 most effective professional organizations. The APCO survey validates the efforts of the AMA and physicians who lend their time and voice to make a difference for all who practice medicine.


DOJ, states side with patients and physicians-file to block insurance mergers

AMA President Andrew W. Gurman, MD outlines how physicians take the lead in fighting insurance mergers that negatively affect patients, and the quality and affordability of the care they receive.