Minority Affairs

AMA-MAS chair named Minnesota's Psychiatrist of the Year


A dedicated advocate for eliminating health care disparities and encouraging minority students to pursue medical careers was named Psychiatrist of the Year by the Minnesota Psychiatric Society (MPS): Dionne Hart, MD (pictured right, outside the correctional facility where she works).

“Dr. Hart’s dedication as a voice for psychiatric education, excellence in patient care and leadership in closing the gap treating minority patients made her our winner,” the MPS said in a statement. “Her seemingly endless supply of energy, wisdom and compassion were qualities that made her stand out. Dr. Hart works tirelessly in the trenches, is involved in numerous organizations and promotes the mission of ending disparity in care.”

Among her professional activities is serving as the chair of the AMA Minority Affairs Section (MAS) Governing Council. The section serves as a national forum for advocacy on minority health issues and professional concerns of minority physicians and medical students.

In this capacity, Dr. Hart has joined her fellow members of the AMA-MAS in such activities as the Doctors Back to School™ program, which sends minority physicians and medical students into the community as a way to introduce children to professional role models. The program aims to increase the number of physicians from underrepresented minorities, many of whom in turn work toward eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities.

“I’m a clinician by training and a patient advocate by choice,” Dr. Hart said. “I appreciate this award and more importantly I appreciate the opportunity to serve my patients and learn from my colleagues.”