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What it’s like in addiction psychiatry: Shadowing Dr. Balasanova

AMA member Alëna A. Balasanova, MD, says that as an addiction psychiatrist being able to contribute to a patient’s recovery is an immensely rewarding feeling.

Alena Balasanova, MD


How to navigate the anesthesiologist-surgeon relationship

Most depictions of operating rooms focus on the surgeon and patient. However, surgical care is built on a triadic relationship between surgeons, anesthesiologists and patients.

Patient being given anesthesia in operating room


Scott Pasichow, MD: Brotherly love led to medicine

AMA member Scott Pasichow, MD, was inspired by the care and compassion exhibited by the nurses and doctors caring for his brother who had cancer.

Picture of Scott H Pasichow MD


Physician’s duty doesn’t shrink as health care organizations get bigger

Physicians are increasingly employed by large organizations. Find out how to navigate some features of organizational cultures and hierarches that can influence patient care.

Graphic of a hospital layout

Public Health

COVID-19: How the AMA is supporting physicians on the front lines

EVP & CEO James L. Madara, MD outlines the three essentials aspects of the AMA’s COVID-19 response strategy and highlights recent successes.

James Madara, MD, 2019 Interim Meeting speech

Public Health

Emergency steps needed to boost production of PPE for COVID-19

Physicians, nurses and hospitals call on president to use the Defense Production Act to increase production of COVID-19 personal protection equipment. 

Image of the White House.

Public Health

COVID-19 economic stimulus must aid struggling physician practices

Congress urged to pass economic stimulus legislation to support and sustain physicians and their practices during COVID-19 emergency.

Closeup of Capitol Hill


Deepak Kumar, MD: Making meaningful change as a surgeon

AMA member Deepak Kumar, MD, found that surgery offered an opportunity for him to see the outcomes on a long-term basis.

Deepak Kumar, MD