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Test your knowledge with clinical challenges from JAMA Network

Timothy M. Smith , Contributing News Writer

Online learning opportunities, including continuing medical education (CME), are more valuable than ever. They’re also more accessible than ever.

JN Learning™, the CME arm of the JAMA Network™, enables users to browse the JAMA Network catalogue of over 5,000 online resources by any medical topic. A filter then lets users locate more than 1,700 relevant online CME opportunities.

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The AMA has added lessons for many of the most common specialty health topics. Each provides a brief assessment by way of an online series of lessons.

Go deep into each specialty

CME from the JAMA Network enables you to earn AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credit™ from a source you trust. Education from JN Learning includes Clinical Challenges in these areas.

  1. Can you diagnose progressive skin depressions in a child’s neck? 

    1. That is one of the questions posed to dermatologists and other learners in the dermatology category. This category helps learners correctly diagnose and treat unusual presentations of skin cancer, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, skin lymphomas, cutaneous drug reactions and more.
  2. What do you make of this headache, confusion, and somnolence in a 27-year-old woman?

    1. This and other questions appear in the infectious disease category. Learn about unusual presentations of rat bite fever, Lyme disease, syphilis and more.
  3. Can you diagnose stroke-like episodes in a patient with chronic gait abnormalities?

    1. This is one of the Clinical Challenges in the neurology category. Test your ability to correctly diagnose and treat unusual presentations of epilepsy and seizures, cerebrovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, central nervous system infections, vasculitis and more.
  4. Explore a typical kidney tumor with atypical presentation.

    1. That is one of ten questions in the oncology category, which highlights unusual presentations of acute myeloid leukemia, skin and Burkitt lymphoma, lung cancer and other conditions.
  5. Can you diagnose a rare case of bilateral orbital masses?

    1. The Clinical Challenges in the ophthalmology category look at cases of blurry vision, visual impairment, edema and headaches.
  6. What do you make of this hoarseness and stridor following stem cell transplant?

    1. This is an example of the questions in the otolaryngology category. Test your ability to correctly diagnose and treat cases of dysphagia, vestibular dysfunction, vasculitis and more.
  7. Check your knowledge against this case of an enlarging parotid mass in a nine-year-old boy.

    1. This and other questions appear in the pediatrics category. The series focuses on unusual congenital defects, pediatric cancers and consequences of antenatal exposures.
  8. Explore a case of chronic neck pain after oromandibular reconstruction.

    1. That is one of the Clinical Challenges in the radiology category, which tests learners’ knowledge of unusual findings on radiographs, CTs, MRIs and PET scans.
  9. What do you make of this not-so-simple groin mass?

    1. This and other Clinical Challenges in the surgery category test your ability to correctly diagnose and treat unusual complications following gastrointestinal surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, bariatric surgery and more.

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