The 2022 Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates will be held June 10-15, 2022. Prior to the meeting, the Speakers' will be providing regular updates. As the Speakers' provide these updates, they will be posted to this page. 

  1. June 28 update

    1. The annual meeting's points of personal privileges from candidates are now available for download.
  2. June 18 update

    1. Some annual meeting attendees have tested positive for COVID-19 following the first in-person meeting.
  3. June 7 update

    1. The speakers detail available preliminary reports, where to get N95 masks, and Zoom links for the meeting. 
  4. June 1 update

    1. Meeting attendees will be expected to wear medical grade masks when not actively eating, drinking or speaking at a microphone.

  5. May 24 update

    1. The speakers remind meeting attendees that everyone needs to preregister to assure they have a reserved seat for the meeting.
  6. May 19 update

    1. View videos of the speakers' candidate interviews and, read additional June election updates.
  7. May 17 update

    1. The online member forums are now open for comments.
  8. May 9 update

    1. The Speakers' Letter and other documents are available for review, plus the latest on health and safety issues. 
  9. April 29 update

    1. Speakers call for additional volunteers to serve on committees at the upcoming 2022 Annual Meeting.

  10. April 22 update

    1. The speakers provide more details and clarification on the health and safety protocol plan for the Annual Meeting.
  11. April 14 update

    1. Read details about the health & safety protocol for the June meeting and the requirement of advance online registration for all attendees.
  12. April 5 update

    1. The Official Candidate Notification following the April Board of Trustees meeting for the 2022 AMA elections and release of AMA Election Manual.
  13. March 13 update

    1. Find information for candidates taking part in the AMA elections, the preliminary agenda and details on the March communication to the House.
  14. Feb. 7 update

    1. Review the speakers' announcement regarding plans for an in-person meeting and the change in dates for the 2022 Annual Meeting to June 10-15.
  15. Jan. 7 update

    1. Read the current list of announced candidates for the elections taking place at the upcoming Annual Meeting, as well as Q&As on AMA election rules.
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