Review the Speakers' Jan. 7 update for the HOD Annual Meeting.

Pursuant to the rules adopted at the June 2021 Special Meeting, the current list is available of announced candidates (PDF)  for the elections to take place at the upcoming Annual Meeting . Others anticipating a possible candidacy are referred to the rules regarding announcements and should contact us at [email protected]. Election rules are generally found in Policy G-610.020.

For more information on the candidates visit the AMA elections page.

In addition, we have compiled responses on this page to questions your Speakers have received regarding the new rules governing our AMA elections. The Q&As are also available in a downloadable PDF.

These responses were previously sent to all candidates and campaign teams. We have included them with the updated Candidate Announcement Notification so that all members of the Federation can be reminded of our election rules prior to the National Advocacy Conference, which we hope will be an in-person event.

Question: Is it permissible for a group of (for example) 10-12 people to gather if the larger group were then to split into smaller groups of 3-4 to go to dinner with each smaller group having its own host? In particular, would these be allowed at the upcoming National Advocacy Conference?

Response: The matter of dinners is covered in Policy G-610.020 [20], which states:

Group dinners, if attended by an announced candidate in a currently contested election, must be “Dutch treat”—each participant pays their own share of the expenses, with the exception that societies and delegations may cover the expense for their own members. This rule would not disallow societies from paying for their own members or delegations gathering together with each individual or delegation paying their own expense. Gatherings of four or fewer delegates or alternates are exempt from this rule.

Per this rule, group dinners are disallowed unless they are “Dutch Treat.” The rule allows an individual candidate to go to dinner with four or fewer delegates/alternates and cover the bill for this small group. The exception was intended to allow candidates to dine with friends and not be in the awkward situation of forcing others to pay the bill. To be clear, if a dinner group includes more than four delegates/alternates and a candidate attends or appears at the dinner, the dinner must be “Dutch Treat.” The rule was not intended to have campaigns substitute several smaller campaign dinners hosted by several individuals for one larger dinner. Rather the intention was to eliminate the campaign expense of hosting multiple delegates. This is true whether they are seated at one large table or several smaller tables. Larger dinners are allowed as long as individuals or delegations cover their own expenses.

The concept of a reception prior to dinner is covered by paragraph 18 of the same policy, unchanged from our prior rules, which disallows receptions and other campaign related activities prior to the beginning of active campaigning (after the April BOT meeting):

At any AMA meeting convened prior to the time period for active campaigning, campaign-related expenditures and activities shall be discouraged. Large campaign receptions, luncheons, other formal campaign activities and the distribution of campaign literature and gifts are prohibited. It is permissible for candidates seeking election to engage in individual outreach meant to familiarize others with a candidate’s opinions and positions on issues.

That said, an unorganized gathering of individuals at a bar, for example, with a candidate that appears and mingles among individuals would not be a violation as long as it was a “no-host” gathering with delegates and alternate delegates or their delegation paying their own tab. On the other hand, invitations or any formality to such an event would cross the line as a reception.

One might also consider the ongoing pandemic and potential risk of gatherings of people at which individuals are actively eating or drinking.

Question: Do the new rules preclude campaign teams from wearing a small button to identify the team members working on the campaign?

Response: The question of buttons for the campaign team was discussed by the Election Task Force, but in the end, the decision was to bar campaign-related buttons and stickers altogether. Policy G-610.020, paragraph 17 precludes candidates and their campaign teams from wearing a small button, sticker, or ribbon to identify the team members. This establishes a clear, bright line. As stated, buttons for established groups—states, caucuses, the Foundation, AMPAC, and the like—are still allowed, but nothing with a candidate identifier is permitted.

Campaign stickers, pins, buttons and similar campaign materials are disallowed. This rule will not apply for pins for AMPAC, the AMA Foundation, specialty societies, state and regional delegations and health related causes that do not include any candidate identifier. These pins should be small, not worn on the badge and distributed only to members of the designated group. General distribution of any pin, button or sticker is disallowed.

Question: What is the window for virtual interviews for the June 2022 elections?

Response: The June 2022 HOD meeting will open either Friday, June 10 or Saturday, June 11. Per action of the House at N21, the window for virtual interviews will run from Thursday, May 26 through Sunday, May 29.

The following is the rule as passed at N21:

Virtual interviews are subject to the following constraints:

  • Interviews may be conducted only during a window beginning on the Thursday evening two weekends prior to the scheduled Opening Session of the House of Delegates meeting at which elections will take place and must be concluded by that Sunday (four days later).
  • Interviews conducted on weeknights must be scheduled between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. or on weekends between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. based on the candidate’s local time, unless another mutually acceptable time outside these hours is arranged.
  • Caucuses and delegations scheduling interviews for candidates within the parameters above must offer alternatives to those candidates who have conflicts with the scheduled time.

Responses should be directed to [email protected].

For additional speakers' updates visit the updates overview page.

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