Various documents are now available for review and download, in preparation for the 2022 Annual Meeting, including:

As a reminder, the on-time deadline for resolutions is close of business Wednesday, May 11, just two days hence.

The handbook and addendum will replace the initial handbook by May 18. All business received by the on-time deadline will be included. Anything submitted after May 11 will be posted to the business page as it is processed and distributed as part of the “Saturday tote” on June 11.

Everyone is encouraged to have a COVID test before departing for the meeting to avoid unnecessary travel and the risk of quarantining in Chicago. Upon arrival in Chicago, all meeting attendees must comply with the health and safety protocols described in the Speakers’ Letter. We ask that you read that information carefully.

Because of ongoing COVID concerns, all meeting participants, including delegates and alternate delegates, are required to register online before the meeting. Details are in the Speakers’ Letter. This is not the same as the credentialing process for delegates and alternate delegates; they are separate processes, and in fact, this is a new step for members of the House.

--Responses should be directed to [email protected]  

For additional speakers' updates visit the updates overview page.

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