AMA Elections

AMA trustees, council members elected


Physicians were elected during the 2014 AMA Annual Meeting to open seats on the AMA Board of Trustees and six AMA councils.

Of the eight candidates vying for the five open positions on the AMA Board of Trustees, the AMA House of Delegates elected Russ Kridel, MD, a facial plastic surgeon in Houston, and Jack Resneck Jr., MD, a dermatologist in San Francisco. 

Delegates re-elected Stephen R. Permut, MD, a family physician in Wilmington, Delaware; Barbara L. McAneny, MD, an oncologist in Albuquerque; and Carl A. Sirio, MD, a critical care medicine practitioner and medical educator at the University of Toledo. Dr. McAneny also was assumed her role as board chair and Dr. Permut was named chair-elect.

Delegates elected by acclamation anesthesiologist Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, as the young physician member of the AMA Board of Trustees. Dr. Ehrenfeld splits his time between Boston and Nashville, Tennessee, where he teaches at Vanderbilt University.

Steven J. Stack, MD, was elected by acclamation to the position of AMA president-elect. Dr. Stack, previously the chair of the AMA Board of Trustees, is an emergency physician residing in Lexington, Kentucky.

Delegates re-elected Andrew W. Gurman, MD, a hand surgeon in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and Susan R. Bailey, MD, an allergist in Fort Worth, Texas, as speaker and vice speaker, respectively. 

Samuel Mackenzie, a student at SUNY Upstate Medical University, will serve as this year’s medical student representative on the AMA Board of Trustees.

Council elections

Here are results for election to various AMA councils.

Council on Constitution and Bylaws

  • Patricia L. Austin, MD
  • Madelyn E. Butler, MD
  • Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD

Council on Medical Education

  • Niranjan V. Rao, MD
  • Luke Selby, MD (resident/fellow seat)

Council on Medical Service

  • Asa C. Lockhart, MD
  • Peter E. Lavine, MD
  • Peter S. Lund, MD
  • Paul Wertsch, MD

Council on Science and Public Health

  • Adam P. Dougherty, MD (resident/fellow seat)
  • Kira Geraci, MD
  • Robert A. Gilchick, MD
  • Michael M. Miller, MD