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Dec. 15, 2023: Advocacy Update other news


The AMA has published two new issue briefs in medical education, available on the Council on Medical Education webpages.

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  • The AMA PRA Credit System (PDF) provides an overview of the AMA Physician Recognition Award (PRA) Credit System, including the various ways physicians can earn AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™, how to obtain that credit, and whether it is automatically reported to licensing and credentialing bodies. 
  • Transparency in the Resident Physician Application Process (PDF) addresses concerns about the lack of transparency in the graduate medical education (GME) resident application process, particularly as it relates to filters used by residency programs to narrow down the number of applications for consideration. The brief reviews efforts in progress as well as future considerations. 

For additional issue briefs or for more information on the Council and its reports, visit the AMA website

A proposal to update the musculoskeletal system chapters (Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Spine) of the AMA Guides® is being considered by the AMA Guides® Editorial Panel for adoption in 2024. This is the third comment period where the public will have the opportunity to learn and opine about the anticipated changes. The proposal will build upon the update to the sixth edition changes issued in 2023.  

This public comment period will contain content related to evaluating specific upper and lower diagnoses in the AMA Guides, including impairment rating values.  

Interested parties and organizations who utilize the AMA Guides are invited to participate in the process to comment on the proposed changes to the medicine and impairment ratings. The AMA Guides® Editorial Panel will consider all available information and comments prior to adopting these changes as part of AMA Guides Sixth 2024. 

The public comment period is Dec. 15, 2023–Jan. 5, 2024. For more information on the public comment periods, how to participate, and to begin the request process, please visit the AMA website.  

The AMA Guides Sixth 2024 updates will impact an estimated 70% or more of all impairment ratings performed annually. Full chapter updates to the spine, upper and lower extremities, along with an update to functional measures, will be delivered. These updates will build upon the changes issued in AMA Guides Sixth 2023, which included an extensive chapter update covering the nervous system along with editorial updates to the ENT chapter. 

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  • Navigating disability benefit systems: An introduction to the basics: This free online webinar reviews disability systems, referencing best practices from the book, AMA Guides to Navigating Disability Benefits Systems.  
  • AMA Guides Newsletter: The AMA Guides newsletter provides crucial updates, authoritative guidance, practical information and rationales for proper use of the AMA Guides in assessing impairment, work ability, causation and other case issues. 
  • AMA Guides Digital: AMA Guide Fourth, AMA Guides Fifth, AMA Guides Sixth 2008, 2021, 2022, 2023 and all subsequent updates are available on AMA Guides Digital. Subscribers have access to all AMA Guides versions.  

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