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Joy in Medicine™ – Physician Well-being

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In order to ensure the health of our nation, it is essential that we support physician well-being.
December 13, 2017
12:00 PM
The webinar was first shown on Dec. 13. The recorded webinar may be viewed still by registering at this link.

With over half of today’s physicians reporting symptoms of burnout, it is apparent that our health care system is not fully on the path to achieving the Quadruple Aim.  In order to ensure the health of our nation, it is essential that we support physician well-being.  A healthier physician workforce leads to a healthier population.  

As awareness of physician burnout increases, many are still unclear on the drivers, the impact and solutions for addressing the challenge.  In this 1-hour webinar, attendees will learn about the current landscape of burnout and its impact on our health care system, along with solutions, tools and interventions for change. Presented by Allison M. Winkler, MPH, AMA Senior Practice Advisor, American Medical Association

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Furthering our unwavering commitment to help you succeed, the AMA has developed 5 modules in the AMA STEPS Forward™ practice improvement strategies series. Take a moment to explore these resources, including the first to address a health system approach in achieving Joy in Medicine™, co-developed by today’s leading experts in physician burnout.  Visit to explore the new modules.

  • Creating the organizational foundation for Joy in Medicine™—organizational changes lead to physician satisfaction.
  • Preventing physician burnout—improve patient satisfaction, quality outcomes and provider recruitment and retention.
  • Physician wellness: preventing resident and fellow burnout—learn how to foster and implement a culture of wellness focused on the unique experiences of residents and fellows.
  • Improving physician resiliency—foster self-care and protect against burnout.
  • Preventing physician distress and suicide—recognize and respond to physician distress and suicidal behavior.


Access the recorded webinar.

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Learn in the AMA Education Center on how to help physicians redesign their medical practices to minimize stress and improve job satisfaction.

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