Accelerating Change in Medical Education

University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Joined January 2016

The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine is creating and implementing a longitudinal experiential program to train and empower all medical students with the knowledge and skills to serve as effective advocates for health systems science. Pritzker is utilizing novel technological tools, such as an online microblogging learning community with trained faculty coaches and point-of-care applications on mobile devices, to prepare and support students for their clinical advocacy roles in the health system.

2019 spring consortium meeting

Poster presented: VISTA: Curriculum and Culture Change to Cultivate (PDF)

Need/gap addressed:

  • Consortium projects address leveraging the value-add role of the medical student
  • Utilizing students in poor resourced environments coupled with Health Systems Science (HSS) education
  • Generalizable strategies for education and assessment for sharing throughout the Consortium
  • Opportunity for utilization in both UME and GME environment

Principal investigator: Vineet Arora, MD
Associate professor and assistant dean, scholarship and discovery

Co-principal investigator: Jeanne Farnan, MD
Associate dean for evaluation and continuous quality improvement