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COVID-19: A physician guide to keeping your practice open

Guide for keeping your practice open (illustration)

As physicians strive to continue to provide care to patients and maintain their practices during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the AMA is providing an updated Physician Practice Guide for Keeping Your Practice Open (PDF).

The guide is intended to help physicians continue to effectively address these impacts, with a focus on workforce and patients’ evolving health needs. Download the complete guide for best practices, including a detailed pre-visit screening script and frequently asked questions around privacy and confidentiality concerns.

For more information on details about remote work, please view the AMA’s Guide to Implementing a Work-From-Home Program (PDF).

COVID-19 physician practice guide

The updated guide contains comprehensive resources, scripts and criteria checklists for keeping your practice open.

Burnout among health care professionals due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has reached crisis proportions. This burnout is caused by the stresses of long hours, uncertainties of the pandemic and severe staff shortages. The updated guide provides:

  • Strategies to address workforce shortages
  • New COVID-19 protocols to ensure patient and staff safety
  • Tips and tactics to reduce burnout
  • Guidelines for virtual and in-person visits
  • Updates on COVID-19 testing options and recommendations

Find additional resources from the AMA on private practice sustainability: business operations and workflow.

Implementing a work-from-home program

This AMA guide helps private physician practices to identify and implement work-from home positions for administrative staff.

Navigating the Current Healthcare Landscape: COVID-19, Staffing Crisis, and Administrative Burden



AMA resources to address burnout

The updated guide contains considerations physicians and organizations should review surrounding patient care during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Implement policies and procedures: Patient vaccination
  • Institute safety measures for patients
  • Prior to scheduled, in-person patient visits
  • Testing for COVID-19

Other important areas physicians and organizations should review include:

  • Review coverage with your medical liability insurance carrier
  • Protect confidentiality/privacy
  • Comply with governmental guidance

The AMA continues to monitor the pandemic and will continue to add resources to assist physicians. 

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